image I know this one can be a bit of a hot topic. I’m not considering plastic surgery at the moment . . . in fact, I’ve long been opposed to it. I live in Orange County, which is probably one of the global capitals of plastic surgery. It’s a very commonplace thing here, and honestly it’s one of the things I most dislike about where I live. I’m often dismayed by the fact that women here don’t seem to feel permission to just look their age. There are so many women here walking around with altered faces, giant lips, and perfectly circular breasts, and I’ve always said I didn’t want to be one of them. I have to confess, though, that as I’m aging, I’m a little more empathetic on the plastic surgery front. My view now on plastic surgery is more in the “never say never” camp. While I don’t think I’d ever do a boob job or something to my face, I can certainly see the appeal of a procedure that would put the stretched-out skin on my tummy back in place. Then again, I’m a giant chicken. I’ve only had surgery once in my life and I nearly passed out every time I looked at the stitches. So realistically, plastic surgery is probably not for me. I’m curious . . . what are your thoughts? Have you ever gone under the knife? Do you think you ever would? If you have children, has the example it might set for their own body image been a factor in your views?