This has been an insane month of travel for me. It started with the Mom 2.0 Summit, then a few days later our trip to Disney World, and today I’m off to San Francisco for a couple days for work. I think, by the end of the month, I will have slept in a hotel more nights than I’ve slept in my own bed. This fact . . . is not my favorite. I am a nester by nature. I love to travel but I also really like to settle in and put everything in it’s place. When I travel, I always, always unpack my suitcase completely. If I don’t, I find that I end up with a pile of belongings on the floor, and I struggle to find anything. As soon as I arrive in a new hotel room, I put things in their proper place: clothes in the drawers or hung up, toiletries in the bathroom, all in a row, and books on the nightstand. When I’ve roomed with friends, they have laughed at this particular ritual. Except for Sarah. She’s weird like me. How about you? Do you unpack in hotels, or do you live out of the suitcase? What’s your strategy for hotel stays?