This summer, I’m hoping to do a bit better about getting my kids out of the house. I’m hoping for a bit more beach time than last year, but one of the challenges is always the daunting task of packing lunches. It’s tempting to rely on pre-packaged foods for such outings, but we are really trying to reduce both our waste and the chemicals inherent in most packaged foods. This week I attempted to replicate one of my kids’ favorite packaged foods: the squeezable yogurt using a Sili Squeeze container.

DIY squeezable yogurt

Another advantage to making your own yogurt is that you can avoid the obscene amounts of sugar involved in most yogurts marketed to children. I use stevia to sweeten plain yogurt and my kids never notice the difference. It also allows me to blend in fruit, since my kids usually balk at the chunky texture of fruited yogurt.
I’ve got detailed instructions for making yogurt, along with links to re-usable squeezable containers, over at Babble today.