Lately, India has been talking a lot about her decision to be a tomboy. In fact, she tells almost everyone she talks with. “I’m a tomboy now,” she’ll announce with a flick of her hair. “I’m SO tomboy.”

She’s quite excited about this new identity for herself. In her mind, being a tomboy means:

  • She likes “boy things” like Star Wars
  • She wears jeans
  • Her new favorite color is black
  • She will (occasionally) drink out of a cup that isn’t pink

She also spends quite a bit of time cultivating her revamped “tomboy” wardrobe. There are lots and lots of strategy sessions involved in her signature tomboy look.

It’s all very cute, but I don’t have the heard to tell her that a REAL tomboy would probably not be spending her time contemplating her wardrobe choices and practicing her tomboy character in the mirror. A real tomboy would not decide, one day, that she is going to adapt a tomboy look because it’s cute, and then announce it to the world. But alas, I just smile and nod, because, HEY! For the first time in 7 years, this girl is willingly wearing something other than a dress.