I am a huge, huge fan of Arrested Development. It’s easily my favorite television show in the history of television shows. It’s smart and hilarious, and it doesn’t hurt that the show is full of inside jokes skewering the ridiculous aspects of life in Orange County. It also holds a special place in my heart because Mark and I discovered the show during a dark period in our lives, when Mark was hit by a car and then spent the better part of a year in and out of the hospital learning how to walk again. There were points, during that ordeal, that I thought I had lost my sense of humor completely. But laughter is a potent medicine, and Mark and I would watch episodes of Arrested Development from the hospital, and later from a hospital bed in our home, and just laugh and laugh. As trite as it may sound to say about a television show, it reminded us that we could still find the fun in life, even in the midst of a crisis. Like any fangirl of Arrested Development, I was really bummed when it wasn’t picked up past it’s 3rd season. Arrested Development had a fanbase of committed (obsessed?) fans but, like many great artists, didn’t receive mass acclaim until it was dead. In the last decade, there were constant rumors that the show might return, or that there might be a movie. And finally, Netflix made that fantasy a reality, gathering the full original cast for 15 new episodes. Last week I was invited to Netflix headquarters to learn more about their new original programs, including Arrested Development. I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever returned an email. I was a wee bit excited, especially since it involved seeing an early screening of the first episode. And you guys . . . it was everything I ever hoped it could be an more. Fortunately for me, I was not alone in my geeking out about Arrested Development. The other bloggers who attended were equally psychotic enthusiastic about the show. On occasion, I will attend a press event for bloggers and they will request my t-shirt size so that they can send me a branded t-shirt to dorkily wear alongside all of the other bloggers. This is how I usually respond to such a request: When somebody asks you a question you now say this: But not this time. No one asked us to wear dorky matching t-shirts but WE BROUGHT OUR OWN.  I think even the Netflix execs were taken aback by our pure nerdiness. And if you’re thinking that Heather and I acted like a couple of high-schoolers taking scissors to the neckline of our t-shirts to “flashdance” them up, you would be correct. We did. Unfortunately Charlie wouldn’t let us do it to his. IMG_3580IMG_3586 The night before we watched the premiere, Isabel, Rebecca, Heather, Charlie and I had a little slumber party with the cast of Arrested Development. Okay . . . the cast didn’t come EXACTLY. But they were there in our minds. IMG_3658IMG_3659IMG_3661We had a blast acting like idiots and doing dramatic interpretations of our favorite scenes from the show. I cannot remember when I’ve laughed so hard. Are you an Arrested Development fan? Did you watch it when it aired on tv, or did you discover it later? And more importantly . . . will you watch all 15 episodes right away, or will you try to space them out? Mark and I are “tv bingers” so I have serious concerns about our sleep schedule over the next week. You can catch all 4 seasons of Arrested Development on Netflix NOW. This post was sponsored by Netflix, but all effusive feelings about the show are purely my own.