Today’s hard-hitting question is a two-fer: it’s both completely random and also self-serving (I’m trying to defend myself in a minor marital spat).  Earlier this week we were talking about my husband’s office (he’s a therapist in private practice).  He mentioned that he would like a new sofa and it occurred to him that I hadn’t been to his office in a while. We both tried to think of the last time I had been there, and honestly, I think it’s been about two years since I stepped foot in his office.  He thought that it was ridiculous that I haven’t been to his office in so long. I told him I thought that was probably typical  . . . are spouses really showing up at offices on a regular basis? I realize it’s been a while, but I also feel like I deserve a small hall-pass due to the nature of his work. It’s not like I can just spring into his office while he’s in session with clients, and he is only ever AT his office is when his clients are there. So showing up doesn’t really make sense, beyond me just making the people in his waiting room feel really awkward. On the other hand, Mark regularly visits my office. As do the children. image Anyways, I’m curious. If you have a spouse/partner/significant other that works outside the home, how often do you visit them at work? Am I alone in avoiding the office of my spouse? Anyone beating my two-year mark?