Sarah James and I decided to keep it completely shallow this month in our Mama Said videos. After discussing topics like guilt and introversion and social anxiety, we decided to do a whole month dedicated to fluff. Specifically: celebrity fluff. In our first video, we discussed our “lists”.  (You know . . . the list of celebrities you get a free pass with, in case the opportunity should ever arise.) Watching this video made me laugh because our answers illustrated our own individual neurosis so well. Sarah’s picks all involved guys that will overpower her (or are way too young). Meanwhile, I kept justifying my picks based on their apparent loyalty to their wives – a really great strategy for choosing someone you’d like a hallpass to cheat with. And for the record, of course, this is all talk. I’ve actually been face-to-face with someone on my list (Joel McHale, who has since been replaced) and despite standing right next to him for a good five minutes,  I did absolutely nothing except stare and take to take stealth-photos with my iphone. How about you? Who is on your list?Subscribe to me on YouTube P.S. You can watch our recap of the latest Mad Man episode here, and our series of recaps on Downton Abbey here.