Okay, I am bringing another design dilemma to the table, because it seems that any decisions revolving around design tend to put me into paralysis mode.  This one involves finding a fabric to use for window shades in the kitchen. I’ve been searching fabric options obsessively (my apologies to anyone following me on Pinterest) and I just need to make a decision already. Here is a picture of my kitchen. As you can see, there are two windows, one above the sink and one on the door, and they both get a lot of light.  So  much that it’s difficult to even take pictures in the kitchen.  It’s less of a bright and airy light and more of an eye-straining glare for most of the day, so I need window shades that can filter some of the glare. I would also like to bring a bit more color into the room, and thought a fun fabric could serve both purposes. IMG_9859 As it turns out, there are not a lot of modern fabric choices at most of the big window shade stores. I’ve been googling how to do a DIY roman shade and I think I can pull it off, and it will be much more cost-effective.  So at this point, I just need to choose the fabric.  Here are some of the fabrics I’ve been obsessively pinning looking at:window treatment options 1. Dandy Flight by Birch Fabrics, 2.  Monaluna Circa Starburst Sun in organic cotton, 3. Timber & Leaf by Sarah Watts, 4. Calypso by Maude Asbury for Blend Fabrics, 5. Moda Swinging Circles in Mustard , 6. Moda in Asterisks Tangerine, 7. Andie Hanna for Robert Kaufman, Modern Bliss in Leaflette Vintage, 8. Simply Color by V & Co,   9.  Heather Mulder Peterson’s Summer House in Paisley Blue, 10. Citrus Fabric by  Paul + Galbraith, 11. Gray and Orange Ikat Dots, 12. Midwest Modern by Amy Butler I really like all of these fabrics, and I’m getting tripped up in deciding. Do I want to stick with gray?  A pop of orange? Or something with several colors? And do I want leaves or ikat or dots or starbursts?? ACK.  What say you?  Or do you have any ideas I am missing?