From someone going by the name “America”:

#1: Maybe if parents would just slap some sense into their ignorant ass-clown children nowadays, we wouldn’t have so many issues. All these little devil children running around, demanding things from all those elderly, and not having an ounce of respect in their little devil children bodies. The Media, the TV, the Internet that parents let their kids engulf their lives these days is the reason every single generation for the last 20 years, are full of shit, and get worse and worse as time passes. Unplug the youth! And show them some damn discipline! I keep telling myself this is why I don’t have children, but honestly my children would be respectful young adults growing up still trying to make this country a better place. The majority of our nations youth nowadays though are…brats, spoiled rotten, never disciplined, get away with whatever the hell they want, hellions, disrespectful, and deserve a good scolding almost every hour. F*cking pitiful. #2 (after #1 went to moderation): Of course my comment has to be approved by the site admin before it’s posted publicly. Because truth hurts, and truth is not what all you sheeple want to hear. Raise your kids a little better, beat some sense into them, it never hurt me, it won’t hurt them. And tell the government to go screw themselves, when they knock on your door, because your bratty butt little child whined to their teacher than you laid a hand on them. Because they is what they will do, and the teacher will be a little puss and go report it to the higher ups. Can’t even do anything to discipline the youth of america nowadays, or the ones that “educate” them. This is why our nation is a piece of crap wastebucket. And will continue to get worse as these little crappers grow up in this world.

  Tell us more about how to parent, America!