Mark and I watched the documentary Mansome last weekend, which is dedicated to looking at the grooming habits of men. There was a segment about the growing popularity of beards, and the phenomena of beard competitions. I’ve definitely noticed the trend . . . it seems like beards are in full season at all the local hipster joints. My friend Sarah even has a Pintrest board dedicated to “beard porn”.

  While I can appreciate the guy above, I’m not really a fan of the full beard.  Which is strange, since I am a HUGE fan of scruff. Mark has been rocking the scruff for a few years and I love the way it looks. IMG_6559 In my mind, the order of appeal is as follows: 1. Scruff 2. No beard 3. Beard   For example:

Yes . . .

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


Borderline . . .



  What are your thoughts on the matter? Are you pro-beard? Pro-scruff? Do you like a guy to be clean-shaven?  Or are you equal-opportunity-facial-hair?