I’ve been in the same book club for nearly ten years now.  It’s a pretty diverse group of women but we have one thing in common: we love to read. One Sunday a month we gather at the host’s house and discuss the themes, character, and merits of a different book.  But after the discussion is over, we spend almost as much time choosing our next book. We come armed with literary magazines, Amazon links, and recommendations for friends, and usually have about 10-12 books in consideration at any meeting. It’s a fun way to learn about new books.

best books for a great book club discussion

One thing I’ve noted is that not every great book lends to a great book club discussion. Some of our best discussions, in fact, have been inspired by books that none of us particularly enjoyed.  Whether we’re debating over character intentions or questioning an author’s attitude towards immigration, I always enjoy this monthly discussion with smart women, and I thought I would share some of the books that have inspired the best conversations over the year.  I’ve curated a list over at Babble – check out our favorite picks here, and let me know if you have any book ideas for a lively book club discussion.