photo dump It’s been a while since I’ve done a photo dump, so I’ve got some catching up to do! January13 235 India spent a good portion of this month making personalize Valentine’s for each kid in the class. She was really determined and precise with making a list and checking off each name, and decorating the card with letters and hearts. It was cute to see her commit to a project and see it through, January13 296 The kids got an electric guitar and drum set for Christmas, so they started a garage band. After about 15 minutes of glory they broke up over artistic differences, related to whether or not they should sing “boy songs” or “girl songs”.  Look for the reunion tour next week. January13 324 I also bought the kids a T-Pain microphone. Because I hate myself. Photo Jan 31, 2 47 04 PM At the beginning of the month, Mark and I spoke at the Dad 2.0 Summit in Houston. Our flight out was nearly empty. Love means not having to sit next to each other on an empty flight. Photo Feb 01, 6 42 14 PM The weekend was a lot of fun – lots of great conversations with friends. Plus gambling and karaoke. Photo Feb 02, 8 12 25 AM Karaoke: it’s all fun and games until you see a video of yourself singing Dancing Queen the next morning on Vine. Photo Feb 02, 2 01 57 PM I was thrilled to get a chance to hang with some dear friends over the weekend. (Karen, Asha, and Maile: three of my favorite people.) Photo Feb 02, 1 14 30 PM Meanwhile, the girls got to attend Strawberry Shortcake Live with Aunt Sarah and their cousin Peyton. Photo Feb 05, 3 40 28 PM India started taking an art class twice a week.  She really loves it.  Photo Feb 06, 3 37 50 PM I also signed up the older kids for guitar lessons. I think they were all a little disappointed to find that they didn’t immediately morph in to Tom Morello after one lesson. Photo Feb 12, 4 01 09 PM Karis started soccer this fall. She’s loving so far. She’s also taking ballet. India is doing ballet, art, and cheerleading. The boys are doing karate and football. The older kids are doing guitar and chess.  It’s possible I’ve overcommitted. Photo Feb 09, 9 22 21 AM Kid’s yoga videos on youtube =  less guilt for Saturday morning tv. Photo Feb 13, 7 53 10 AM The kindergartners had a “100 things on a hat” assignment for their 100th day of school. Confession India completed both hats. She has the craft gene. Kembe and I do not. Photo Feb 13, 5 16 17 PM Karis had open house night at her montessori this week, where she got to show us her works. She’s already spelling words on her own. Have I mentioned how much I love montessori?  Yeah. Photo Feb 13, 5 25 55 PM The kids played a gam of chess with grandpa.  His face illustrates how I feel about chess, too. Photo Feb 15, 7 51 30 PM Last weekend I was invited to check out the new Luxe Lounge at the La Costa Spa. It’s a private room for parties and get-togethers that features a candy bar, a Bellini bar, mini-massages, and Sex and The City on continuous loop. It’s was horrible, you guys. Horrible. I WANT TO LIVE THERE.   Photo Feb 09, 3 45 35 PM Remember when I talked about my days alone with Karis now that the other kids are in school?  Yeah. That’s never really improved. So now I’m determined to just get us out of the house. This week we had a fun little tea date and then a manicure together. I think it may be our new tradition, because she had fun and I didn’t have to play My Little Pony for three hours. Photo Feb 12, 12 06 29 PM We got to see Harlem Globetrotters this weekend, and meet the cast backstage. I think my boys have a new goal in life: to be one of these players. Photo Feb 16, 2 07 50 PM Happy President’s Day! What did you do this weekend?