Alright, folks. As I’ve admitted before, I’m a bit of a Downton Abbey dork. Luckily, I have other people in my life who share my passion. My friend Sarah and I decided we needed to make a video after each episode to process our Big Feelings about this show. So, without further adieu, I present:
dishing about downton Look how serious we are!! I was cracking up trying to get a screenshot of us looking “normal” during this video. One of us is cringing or emoting during the entire video. Here’s our reaction to the first episode. But if you haven’t watched yet, be warned: spoilers ahead!

  What did you think of the season 3 premiere? Are you team Isabel, team Martha or team Violet? Do you think Matthew should have taken the money? Do you think Thomas is beyond redemption? Do you find Branson’s political convictions endearing or annoying? Do you think Matthew & Mary or Sybil & Branson have more chemistry? If you haven’t gotten on the Downton Train, you can watch Downton Abbey season 1and season 2 on  You can watch Season 3 on PBS (search for Masterpiece Theatre if you are trying to record it).   And if you just can’t wait to watch this season as a weekly show, you can gorge on the whole thing by following the instructions in this post. P.S. Sarah was right! Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary, and Elizabeth McGovern, who plays her mom, are set to release a jazz album this year.