Okay, last post about our holiday vacation, and then I’m going to go take down the Christmas tree. Kidding! (We did it yesterday). IMG_7220 We we thrilled to try out the new Town and Country during our trip to Daytona. I mentioned last week that despite being in a resort on the water, we took the car out for a spin so Mark could have the experience of driving on the sand.  Well, it ended up being so convenient having our car as a home base that we did it again the next day.  I love that we could just load up the car, and have everything we needed instead od schlepping all of our stuff through the hotel’s pool area and then down the stairs. IMG_7239 IMG_7240 Another bonus: with just a push of the button, the chairs fold down and create a really big trunk space. We decided to let the kids picnic there, since it kept them up off the sand. IMG_7242 My kids have horrible sand management skills, and it usually ends up all over the food. Not today! IMG_7257 I also loved that the car acted as our own boom box, so we could rock out while we ate. IMG_7230 IMG_7269IMG_7280IMG_7288 After our tailgate picnic, we let the kids play and Mark and I relaxed in the shade of the trunk, listening to music. It was like our own beach cabana. IMG_7304 IMG_7317IMG_7318 IMG_7084 And then we returned to California, to record cold weather. Seeing these beach photos is just insult to injury. Womp womp womp. (I can hear all of you who live in Actual Cold Weather playing your tiny violins on my behalf).   chrysler logo This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Chrysler. All opinions are 100% mine.