On Monday I talked a little about our beach vacation in Daytona over the holiday break.  One of the things that is unique about Daytona (at least to us Californians) is that you can drive on the beach. I grew up going to this beach so it’s old hat to me, but Mark mentioned that it was one of the things he wanted to try while we were there.  So even though our resort was right on the water, we did take the Town & Country for a spin a couple days.
Okay, okay. It’s not exactly “off-roading”, since the speed limit is all of 10 MPH, but it was a lot of fun. The kids thought that it was SO CRAZY that we were driving on sand. (Our poor, sheltered suburban children).
We put some tunes on and rocked out in the car.
Here’s a little video of our beach-driving excursion.
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