I remember when we started this remodel, I thought how fun it would be to be able to share what we are doing and maybe provide a little design inspiration. Instead, most of my house posts seem to revolve around me asking the internet to solve my indecision. This is yet another one of those posts. Topic of the day: painting the outside of the house. Photo Jan 11, 4 37 40 PM We’ve got a long way to go with the outside (hello, landscaping) but we need to choose an exterior paint color. Initially, we choose a tinted stucco in a beige color. I really like the color, but unfortunately we didn’t take into account the houses on either side of us. Once the color was up, we noticed the house was exactly the same color as the house to the left AND the right of ours. House to the left:   Photo Jan 11, 4 38 00 PM . .  . and the house to the right: Photo Jan 11, 4 38 25 PM There were also some errors in the stucco application which means we’ve got to paint it anyway.  We are now feeling like we need to move away from the current color, because three beige houses in a row isn’t a great look. (Actually, I’m thinking this. Mark is thinking that we should just pick whatever color we like best for our own house). I’ve gotten several samples but I’m still having trouble deciding. Here are our current options: Photo Jan 09, 2 44 16 PM The roof is brown, and we will likely put a bright white trim around the windows.  I really like the gray tones above, but Mark is worried that gray won’t go with a brown roof. I like the green, too, but that’s what we’ve had on our own house for several years and I really wanted a change. Of course, the kids disagree, and choose the green for that very reason. “Same as our old house!” they say. Photo Jan 11, 4 13 37 PM Here’s the green on our old house: house exerior And here’s the new house again: Photo Jan 11, 3 38 04 PM What do you guys think? What color would you choose? Can we go with gray when we have a brown roof? Do we need a contrast from the houses on either side? Is there another color option I’m totally missing?  HELP.