A couple weeks ago, I saw footage of people camping out in front of movie theaters to see the new Twilight movie. This week, people are doing the same to see The Hobbit. This led Mark and I to talk about what movie or concert we would be willing to wait in line for. (Clearly, neither of the aforementioned movies are on our list). There aren’t many movies that would prompt me to camp out and wait in a line, especially because IT’S A MOVIE. You can always see it later. I will admit that participated in camping out to see the first Star Wars movie, but we rotated spots and Jason and Julie Carson did most of the heavy lifting on that one, so it wasn’t a huge sacrifice (until Jar-Jar Binks appeared on screen). Also, I may have waited in a long line to see Center Stage when it came out . . .. but we sort of made a Girl’s Night out of it and it was before I had kids, so I had time to do ridiculous things. These days, I don’t think any movie could sway me into standing in a long line. Concerts . . . I can’t think of many concerts I’d be willing to stand in line for, either. Confession: I don’t love live music. I tend to get bored and and I don’t really love crowds. If The Smiths ever did a reunion tour I’d probably be first in line, but that’s about it. We did tailgate to see a U2 show last year, but that was more about hanging with friends and less about U2. (I think everyone in my company that night would disagree, but I am not a die-hard U2 fan. You can read about that, and about me catching Terrance Howard in the lady’s room here.) Unsurprisingly, I was willing to wake up in the middle of the night to stake a spot at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.  My friend Sarah and I sat on the grass in the freezing cold for 12 hours waiting for that show to start, and it was totally worth it once Jon Stewart took the stage. IMG_1234 There are some Broadway shows I would be willing to stand in line for. Back when Lion King came out on Broadway some friends and I camped out in the freezing cold in the wee hours of the morning to getting standing-room-only tickets. It was worth it, but I think I’m too old for that business now. Fortunately for me, good seats at a Broadway show now usually involves being quick on the draw at the Ticketmaster site instead of waiting in line. An aside: our family got to attend the Cars Land media day, before it was open to the public. This was a huge treat, and as we were leaving we saw hundreds of people sleeping in tents, camped out for the big opening the next day. I wanted my kids to appreciate the privilege they’d had of seeing it early, so I pointed out how all of those people would be spending the night in tents. And instead of appreciation, I got four kids whining and crying because WE NEVER GET TO SPEND THE NIGHT AT DISNEYLAND. Such lovely people I’m raising. In summary, there are very few situations that I’d be willing to wait in a long line for, beyond Jon Stewart. How about you? Have you ever camped out for an event? Is there any event you’d be willing to do that for?