I’ve been musing about the holidays over at Babble, and thought I would share some links. First, I got a little nostalgic and shared My Favorite 80′s Holiday Movies from Childhood. One Magic Christmas, anyone? Anyone?One Magic Christmas I also shared My Top Ten Favorite Christmas Albums. (What are yours?) Sara Groves I also did an Awkward Family Photo Retrospective, sharing some of our best and worst family photos over the years, including this year’s family portrait. s41388ca111377_31 I just . . . I can’t even with this picture. I wrote about my Favorite Christmas Season Experiences at Disneyland I made a list of our favorite toys that actually encourage my kids to PLAY TOGETHER in the post Gift Ideas for Siblings: Toys That Encourage Cooperative Play. And in our latest installment of Mama Said, Sarah and I talk about the havoc that our kids getting sick can wreak during this season: Working Moms and Cold/Flu Season = The Perfect Storm.