that's what she said - Copy I only have two posts I’d like to link to this week, and that’s because I think they are such important reads. My friend Heather sent a letter to another blogger she knows, in the midst of their state’s battle over marriage equality. She poured her heart out, and then Vicki shared hers as well. The correspondence is beautiful and touching, and an example of how far grace, love, empathy, and listening can go in relating to one another. I hope you will take a moment to read them both. From Heather to Vicki:

All these months, while ads blared and signs were put out on lawns and bumpers, it’s like you have been standing on a big stage, waiting to see if more people love you than hate you. All the while people are pointing at you and arguing with each other, about whether or not you count. About whether or not your family should really be called a family, in this state, in this country. And then, it seems impossible, but we tried to finish all the fighting by casting ballots over your life. Fill in a circle. Yes. Or no. I can’t even begin to fathom your pain.

read the rest here. ____________________ From Vicki to Heather:

The truth is that I do have a fear of Christians. It seems silly to say that aloud when, intellectually, I know there are many good ones in the world but there is such a loud chorus from those who use their faith to deny others the respect and dignity they deserve that it is easy to forget that.

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