I used to write at Mama Manifesto and every Tuesday, we threw out a random question. I do that occasionally here as well, but I thought it could be fun to make it a weekly thing. I’ve always been curious about people . . . it’s one of the reasons I went into psychology. So each Tuesday, I’m going to throw out a question that I’m curious about, and we can all respond. Sometimes they might be silly, and sometimes they might be serious, but hopefully our collective answers will make for an interesting read. First question, since we’re coming off the election:

Do you and your spouse share political views? Did you vote similarly in the recent election?

Mark and I have some differences politically. We talk about politics (a lot) and it’s not something we argue about, but we do enjoy a spirited debate. We are CNN news junkies and have been known to pause as we work out our thoughts on various issues. (Please stifle your awe at our hipness.) Mark tends to be more fiscally conservative when it comes to the government, where I lean towards a democratic socialist viewpoint. During this election, we voted for difference state reps, and we voted differently on a few measures as well, but also voted similarly on some things.  I identify a bit more with the Democratic party than he does, and he tends to vote for both parties, taking each candidate into account rather than voting down a party line. I respect that he is thoughtful about his vote. It’s funny, the first year we were married Mark voted Ross Perot without telling me. He had seen a tv spot Perot did the night before the election after I’d fallen asleep, and it resonated with him. He didn’t tell me because he felt it was a personal decision, but he did tell me after the fact. I remember being SO MAD that, as a married couple, he’d failed to share that with me and we’d voted for different people. It’s funny to look back on that because I couldn’t care less if we vote for different people today. Random aside: if you are a newly married person who thinks you achieve intimacy by sharing the same opinions and interests as your spouse . . . let that go. Your marriage will be so much happier if you do. It’s vital that you share your  thoughts and hopes and dreams with each other, but it isn’t vital that you always agree. Anyways, back to politics: Do you agree with your spouse? Do you guys discuss politics? Has it ever become a point of contention? And how have your politics leanings changes since getting married?