Earlier this month Chad Goller-Sojourner reached out to me about a new play he has written called “Riding in Cars With Black People and Other Newly Dangerous Acts.” It’s an autobiographical play that recounts “the story of a black boy, raised by white parents who ‘ages out’ of honorary white and suburban privilege.” As soon as I heard the premise, I knew I wanted to hear more. Chad agreed to do an interview and we had such an interesting conversation. Chad grew up as the adoptee of a white couple in the 1970’s.


In our interview, we talk about race, white privilege, and transracial adoption. Chad is thoughtful and hilarious, and has such a great perspective on things.  I think it will be really insightful for adoptive parents, adoptees, or anyone interested in racial identity. I hope you will take a listen – we went a little long, but only because it was such a fascinating discussion that I didn’t even realize how much time had passed!

Thanks to Chad for being willing to do this. To learn more about Chad and his work, check out his website or facbeook page. And if you are interested in helping him back his project, you can visit his Indiegogo account here.