Yesterday a couple friends and I decided to bring a little levity to the gloom-and-doom we were seeing on facebook in regards to the election. I’ve said this before, but while I have strong political beliefs, I also firmly believe that the foundation of our country (and our lives) will not be changed based on a Republican or a Democrat taking office.  I watched with amusement last week as people on facebook predicted the end of our lives as we know it if one side or the other won. So, a group of us collected a number of alarmist actual facebook status updates and did a dramatic reading of updates from both sides. In the spirit of “bringing it down a notch”, and in an effort to bring some humor to this hyper-charged election season, I give you $#!@ People Say On Facebook During Elections: My compadres on this video are some of my favorite people, and I hope you will check out their blogs. They are all wicked smart and funny, and I think you will enjoy them. Nish Weiseth
Karen Walrond
Charlie Capen
Elizabeth Esther
Joy Bennett
Ed Cyzewski
Zack Hunt
Kristen Howerton
Kelly Wickham
Doug French
Tamara Lunardo
Jason Boyett
Heather Barmore
Alise Wright