We’ve all seen it . . . political statements on facebook and twitter that go a step too far. The status updates that venture way beyond sharing political ideology, and have devolved into paranoia, fear-mongering, future predicting, maximizing, or out-and-out lying about what will happen if the other candidate wins. I’ve been seeing it all week, from both sides.

So, to bring a little levity to the situation, let’s share some of the craziest things we’ve seen. Both sides are fair targets. What are some of the kookiest status updates that have littered your feed? A few I’ve heard:

“America will endure, but we may never be the same if he wins and never has to face voters again. The carnage he may try to unleash could be incalculable. But we’ll endure. We’ve faced grave threats throughout our story: The White House being burned in 1814, the darkest horrors of the Civil War, the mornings after Pearl Harbor and 9-11. We will endure.”

and this gem on twitter:

“Women, PLEASE vote tomorrow. If Romney wins, it’ll likely be your last chance to do so.”

While I’ve been open about my support of Obama, let me say for the record that I think our country will still be fine should Romney wins. I think we would all do well to bring it down a notch. But in the meantime, here’s a therapeutic place to curate the crazy, and have a little laugh. Because the best antidote to weeping for humanity is laughter, right?