If you follow me on any other social media channels you know I am in my annual “obsess over family portrait wardrobe” phase. The advent of me joining Pinterest this year hasn’t helped, because now there are other similar obsessives who post wardrobe ideas, and I spent yesterday searching through fun Polyvore collages until I decided that I MUST MAKE SOME TOO. You see, I’m late on some deadlines and need to be making some important decisions on the remodel and still haven’t unpacked from our vacation.  So I think the obvious way I should be spending my time is puttering around on Polyvore. Avoidance. It’s fun! Anyways, yesterday I posted the outfits I had purchased at Target based on 2012’s Pantone Style Colors and then last night I compiled them on Polyvore/  So if anyone is similarly obsessed, you can now click through to see the items at Target’s website. I am still trying to decide on our color scheme. I’ve got this collection, of blue, grey, and pink:

Holiday Photo Wardrobe: pink/blue/grey

  I like these colors and I think they will compliment our skin tones, but I also feel like it’s not as sophisticated as I’d like.  I’ve also got all of the clothing in this collection, which is more yellow/grey/pink.

family portrait target wardrobe ideas : yellow/gray/pink

Okay, I promise, this is my last plea for advice. Which do you think would work better for a family photo?