We are still recovering from Halloween over here. Let’s be honest . . . we are still recovering from our cruise! October was a very fun month but mama’s tired. We got home from the cruise two days before Halloween, and I was such a scrooge about the whole thing because I was so exhauster and so behind with unpacking/work/life. (I can finally walk without feeling like the world is rocking, thank-you-very-much).  Fortunately I had ordered the costumes and candy well in advance, since I knew the end of October would be hectic.  The girls wanted to go as Merida from Brave. They seem to want to be the prevailing Disney princess each year. Last year was Rapunzel. The year before was Tiana. What this all really means is that they want the most expensive, not-on-sale costume. And I am a sucker. Photo Oct 31, 5 42 41 PM And don’t even get me started on the wigs.  This things would not stay on their heads, and Mark and I ended up with Merida wigs in our hands by house 2. Not to mention, I think they look a little less Merida and a little more Carrot TopPhoto Oct 31, 6 02 48 PM The boys went as Batman and Some Bad Guy From Star Wars Whose Name We All Forgot.  That was a compromise as Jafta really wanted to go as something dead or bloody (or preferably both). Every year I beg the kids to go as something coordinated.  “We could be a family of ninjas! Or the Avengers! Or we could all go as someone from Star Wars!” And every year they ignore my pleas. Photo Oct 31, 5 18 34 PM I basically refused to carve pumpkins this year. It ends up being chaos since none of them can safely wield a knife.  (And also because pumpkin guts . . . barf).  I bought neon paint and we painted our pumpkins instead. Photo Oct 31, 5 18 49 PM When they were little, I told the kids that Halloween rules were that you ate 3 pieces and then put the rest in the bowl to pass out. If you are a parent of wee ones, I highly recommend this trick! We usually trick-or-treat pretty early so it means I get to buy less candy, and it also means we don’t have to negotiate piles of candy for weeks after Halloween. The funny thing is, they still buy it!!! Every year I wait for them to call my bluff on this and every year, they dump their candy into the community bowl. Last night they came home and did it without me even asking. Mwahahaha! Some teenagers came by and cleaned us out, so we have no candy left. Just an obnoxious sugar hangover from yesterday. Photo Oct 31, 8 33 50 PM Do your kids have school the day after Halloween?  Our district took the day off.  I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I get that teachers probably don’t want to deal with tired, sugar-amped kids, but it also seems like we’re letting the candy win. How was your Halloween?