We are back from Peru and adjusting to our routines. I had a fun-filled day yesterday, between unpacking, getting a new license at the DMV, dealing with my stolen credit cards, and updating all my auto-payment with the new card number. Let’s not even talk about my email inbox or the unopened mail that is taking over the kitchen table. The boys got a little treat yesterday – their friend Caleb took them dirt-biking. This was their first time and they loved it! His mom is a friend and a photographer and she captured some really fun shots.  1-20121127-IMG_2681 Look who lost a tooth in Peru! 1-20121127-IMG_2716 I love these silhouette shots, but especially the Fist Pump of Triumph. 1-20121127-IMG_27211-20121127-IMG_27451-20121127-IMG_28441-blog-jafta-20121127-IMG_2750-21-blog-Kembe-20121127-IMG_2753-3 1-20121127-IMG_2723 I think I might make this one into a canvas for the new house: 1-blog-KJ-20121127-IMG_2752-2 [photo credits: Cristina Robeck]