Yesterday I took the girls to get a haircut. India is loving her “bob” and it was beginning to reach her shoulders, so she wanted it a little shorter. But the real impetus was the fact that Karis got gum in her hair on the airplane, and we ended up having to chop her hair in a hotel room in Miami just before boarding our cruise. It was a pretty rough cut with scissors purchased at the drug store nearby, so I wanted to have a stylist clean it up.   Photo Nov 02, 4 07 44 PM I’ve been going to Natalie Jones at Hush Hush Bang Bang for about 5 years now. I love her so much, and she cuts Mark’s hair too, and so I decided to have her cut the girls’ hair as well. This was Karis’s first real hair cut! Photo Nov 02, 4 10 06 PM India was up first.  She got a little trim, and then I let her get some purple extensions. Mostly because Karis had gotten beaded braids in Cozumel while India was swimming, and she through a fit at the unfairness so I promised something fun when we got home. But also because I am a sucker. Photo Nov 03, 11 43 24 AM The extensions took a while. The other kids decided to crunch pretzels and wrestle while we waited. I think the salon staff really appreciated our presence. Photo Nov 02, 4 28 49 PM Karis also decided that I needed a rockstar hair style while we waited. So she gave me one.   Photo Nov 02, 4 50 09 PM Next up . . . Karis. She looked so little getting her hair washed, but she was very quiet and serious about the whole thing.   Photo Nov 02, 5 06 15 PM She request that her hair look exactly like India’s, so she got a cute little bob. Photo Nov 03, 11 42 00 AM Photo Nov 02, 5 30 21 PM Matching hair!  The girls both seemed thrilled at the salon, but later in the evening Karis got buyer’s remorse, and started crying about her short hair. For about an hour, she wept with her head buried in my shoulding, telling me how she wanted her long hair back. So that was fun. If you have little girls, I’m curious . . . do you take them to salons that cater to kids, or do you take them to an adult salon? This is new territory for me, as my mom always cut our hair at home.  I’ve tried that and I’m humble enough to admit my skills are lacking.