So a couple weeks ago, this happened: Photo Sep 13, 3 00 26 PM I’ve been waiting to post about it until I knew the air date, and I just found out it airs this week!  I will be one of several guests on Ricki Lake this Friday October 5th talking about adoption.

I had a really great experience on the show. I appreciated the fact that Ricki and her production team were really looking to tell our stories rather than drum up drama. I’ve long admired Ricki Lake – I struggled not to go all fangirl on her when we met backstage, because I think I know every word and gesture from the original Hairspray movie. Not to mention, her documentary The Business of Being Born was so groundbreaking and really influenced how I view birthing my daughters.  Ricki is a smart cookie and her new show is tackling some great topics with maturity and intelligence. I hope you will tune in . . . I think all members of the adoption triad will appreciate this episode. They really did a great job of exploring adoption from all sides.