Last year, one of my favorite YouTube videos was Chescaleigh’s hilarious @#$% White Girls Say to Black Girls. After watching it, my friend Jillian and I offhandedly said how fun it would be to do one about what people say to adoptive families. Then I posted about it, and you guys gave me even more ideas, and Jillian and I got to work. We enlisted her friend Deb, who is biracial and married to a Jewish guy, and therefore subjected to all kinds of crazy comments herself. We spent a Sunday filming ourselves delivering some of the the worst lines we’ve gotten. Thanks for all of your submissions . . . we used quite a few. We had a blast with this, and hope it brings a little levity for those of you who get annoyed with the silly questions.  And if you’re guilty of some of these comments, this might be a sensitivity lesson . . . but  hopefully you’ll find it funny as well. If you are curious about what is or isn’t appropriate to say to adoptive families, you can read more about that here or here.