I feel like over the years, I’ve had friends with only one child look at my life and say, “How do you do it?”  Raising for kids definitely has some unique challenges. There are times when it is mind-numbingly hard.  But this month I am definitely realizing that despite all the chaos, there are some perks. Namely: playmates. Photo Sep 25, 10 34 48 AM Now that India and Kembe are in kindergarten, Karis and I have a couple days a week where it’s just the two of us. We had our children in rapid-fire succession, which meant that I’ve never had a child over the age of 1 who didn’t have a sibling. While it was some crazy-making during those early years, the upshot is that my kids have always had someone to play with.  So this “alone with one kid” thing? Oh my word. I am finding it challenging. I think Karis is, too. Photo Sep 20, 12 40 05 PM Photo Sep 24, 5 12 44 PM Our days together feel VERY LONG. I feel like she is bored and looking at me to be her playmate. We get in lots of great cuddle time, and we read lots of books, but a couple hours in and I think we are both at a loss.  She’s not used to a quiet house or playing alone. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m not the “get on the floor and play” kind of mom. So I am struggling on these days, as she’s begging me to play My Little Pony and then have a tea party and then do yoga together and then my head explodes. I feel like I am sitting there waiting for some child to run in and save me so I can get back to Getting Things Done. Photo Sep 27, 9 33 57 AM Photo Sep 06, 1 20 49 PM I’ve tried to get out of the house more, but I really am kind of a homebody. We’ve gone to parks (where she is bored). We’ve gone to the Farmer’s Market (where she is bored). Honestly, it’s tempting not to just let her watch tv all day until the big kids come home, while I get some stuff done. But that is not the kind of mom I want to be. So, moms of one kid. I’m coming to you for advice now. How do you do it??