iphone photo dump Photo Sep 23, 8 42 29 AM The kids call this “building a spaceship”. I really have no idea what a pile of children has to do with space travel, but there you go.  After I took these photo they decided to reverse the order, with Karis on bottom and Jafta on top. It didn’t go so well. Photo Sep 23, 11 34 00 AM India finally learned to ride a bike without training wheels! She has been hesitant but finally gave it the college try after seeing her 3-year-old sister do it. It’s amazing what a little sibling rivalry can do in the motivation department. Photo Sep 23, 10 22 16 AM While India managed to do a few laps without an adult holding on, her brother, who is also five, was doing this: Photo Sep 23, 10 15 02 AM It is always astounding me that we’ve managed to elude the ER thus far. Photo Sep 25, 6 22 15 PM Kembe has a new look for pictures. Every single time I raise the camera, he throws the shaka sign. Photo Sep 25, 6 22 59 PM Going down the slide? Shake sign. Photo Sep 23, 10 55 28 PM Mohawk in the bathtub? Shaka sign. Photo Sep 26, 7 51 53 PM We finally got to see Book of Mormon this week in LA., with our friends Scott and Jillian. Photo Sep 26, 7 54 35 PM A lot of people have asked me how it was. It was AMAZING. And hilarious. The story, the book, the music, the dancing – all fantastic. And totally and completely raunchy, inappropriate, and sacrilegious. So, you know, fair warning.  It was interesting to see that the actual Book of Mormon took out a three-page ad spread in the Playbill. I’m quite curious to hear a Mormon’s perspective of the show.  Anyone? Beuhler? Photo Sep 26, 10 48 10 PM The remodel. We’re at the scary stage where everything looks really, really awful. I’m trying not to panic. We’ll get there. Photo Sep 28, 9 25 47 AM The kids are back in basketball and cheer this fall. We spent 4 hours at the basketball court today between the three of them. Have I mentioned how much I love watching sports? Mmm. Photo Sep 29, 2 30 38 PM While Mark and I were busy fussing over remodel stuff, Jafta fashioned a spear out of some of the remnant construction materials and tried to get Kembe to bike-joust with him. The ER: only a matter of time. Photo Sep 29, 4 21 49 PM Hope you’re having a great weekend!