Over at Babble this week, I’m talking about my (apparently controversial) practice of googling my kids’ teachers:

My interest in looking people up online is not so much because I’m looking for dirt. In fact, I’m assuming I’m not going to find dirt. I just want to know more about these people who have been charged with shaping the minds of my own children. What are their likes? What are their dislikes? In Googling my son’s kindergarten teacher, I found out that he attended the same university where I teach. I also found out that he’s in charge of the school garden. I like him more already. I also found out that my daughter’s kindergarten teacher is similarly obsessed with Emily Maynard and Jeff Holman from the Bachelorette. Again, just a random detail, but it made her seem more human. Knowing these little things made that first day just a little bit easier.  I didn’t feel like I was shipping my kids off to total strangers.

Read the rest at Roadside Assistance, and weigh in there, too. Have you googled your child’s teacher? Would you?