Last week I shared some of my favorite apps for the preschoolers, and today I wanted to share some of my favorites for my two kindergartners.  I’ve found some really great tools for my iphone that help reinforce what the kids are learning at school. At our house, we have an ipad, and we also have two iphones (the one I use as a phone, and an older model that is no longer activated but can still get apps via wifi). The kids are constantly asking to play on them . . . and since we use a timer and have mostly educational games, I feel pretty good about our moderate use of technology as a teaching tool. First things first, though: if you have a child playing on your iphone, I highly recommend some kind of a screen protector. I really like the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case. It’s nearly indestructible and has a barrier allows kids to use the touchscreen without sullying it with food.  There is also a version for the ipad (pictured below). best iphone ipad educational apps for kindergartners If you haven’t yet discovered, I highly recommend it as an educational website. They’ve got some great apps, too. They have several classic books that read along with your child. They also have a great Zoo app that teaches facts about animals. Photo Sep 07, 1 43 37 PMPhoto Sep 07, 4 48 08 PMPhoto Sep 07, 4 48 18 PMPhoto Sep 07, 4 48 28 PM The Sight Word app is fantastic for kids of all ages. It provides flashcards of sight words up to grade 3. Photo Sep 07, 4 48 46 PM ABC Tracing is a great tool for helping kids to learn letter construction. Photo Sep 07, 4 49 41 PM The Sight Words app presents common sight words, and kids choose the word on the screen. It’s great for kids that are learning to read, but not quite proficient enough for flashcards. Photo Sep 07, 4 58 43 PM Ziggys Plate is fun, levels-based game that helps kids learn to make good food choices. SightCard is another great sight words game, with multiple developmental levels and ways to play. Photo Sep 07, 11 08 12 PM ABC Phonics also reinforces letter recognition with the use of a letter “balloon pop” quiz and flashcars that spell out the names of animals. Numberland is an egaging numbers-based storybook game with really beautiful artwork. Photo Sep 07, 11 12 23 PM ABC Wildlife combines spelling along with animal education and stunning wildlife photography. Photo Sep 07, 11 12 48 PM These are some of our favorite apps for my kinders. Do you have any great app discoveries for the kindergarten set? [disclosure]