In the past few weeks I shared some of my favorite apps for preschoolers, as well as some of my favorite apps for my kindergartners.  I’ve also found some really great tools for my iphone that help reinforce what my son has been learning in 1st and 2nd grade. Many of the apps I will mention are appropriate for these grades and above, and any that are grade-specific are also available for every grade, so you can find the app that corresponds to your own child’s grade level.  Photo Sep 22, 9 49 41 AM   First things first, though: if you have a child playing on your iphone, I highly recommend some kind of a screen protector. I really like the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case. It’s nearly indestructible and has a barrier allows kids to use the touchscreen without sullying it with food. There is also a version for the ipad.  Okay, here are some of our favorite educational apps: Photo Sep 22, 9 50 06 AM Sid the Science Kid is a fun app that introduces science facts. Photo Sep 22, 9 50 49 AM Lola’s Train is a cute app that has multiple levels of math facts.   Photo Sep 22, 9 52 40 AM Math Evolve has an engaging, video-game feel but it involves solving math problems to win the game. Photo Sep 22, 9 54 23 AM The Spanish app is a fun way to learn Spanish for kids and adults alike.   Photo Sep 22, 9 56 20 AM The “Teach Me” series is a great collection of grade-level skill building apps.   Photo Sep 22, 9 57 39 AM Splash Math is another good grade-related app, this time focusing on math. Photo Sep 22, 9 58 34 AM My son’s favorite math app is Rocket Math. Kids have to solve math problems in order to earn the gear they need to launch a spaceship. This game does a nice job of using incentives to keep kids interested. Photo Sep 22, 9 59 03 AM Juicy Math uses fun colors and graphics to reinforce math facts. Photo Sep 22, 9 59 29 AM I will confess, I have been known to lose time playing Match 10. It’s a brainy game that requires quick thinking with addition, and is a fun game for kids and adults. Photo Sep 22, 9 59 43 AM The First Grade app has a great collection of sight-word flashcards. Photo Sep 23, 10 52 18 PM What are some of your favorite educational apps for elementary-aged kids?