I’m going to be on a lighter posting schedule for the month of August. I’m traveling a bit, but I’m also wanting to slow down a bit to try to have a bit more fun with the kids before they start school again.  I’m going to be posting some What I Want You to Know essays in the meantime, which is a win-win because the queue of posts is nearly a year long. There are some great stories that I’ve been wanting to share, so this will give me a chance to publish more of them.  On that note, I wanted to do a quick reminder about the comments for these posts, as some of the comments this week’s posts got a little out of hand (and slipped through while I was traveling).  Please keep in mind that these are GUEST POSTS about personal experiences.  Most submissions are not written by professional writers, or bloggers accustomed to having their words picked apart, but rather by readers who’ve taken a risk on telling a vulnerable story in a public place.  While I’m usually up for a spirited debate or a difference of opinion, I just don’t think this series is the forum for it.  The point is to listen.  I’d love to see comments that offer support or empathy, but I don’t want to see writers being accused of being overly-sensitive, histrionic, or wrong.  If you don’t like what the writer has to say, make a mental note of your dissent and move on.  I’m going to be a bit more liberal in deleting comments that are critical within this series. Alright, one more order of business. You might remember this massive giveaway that I hosted with these lovely blogging ladies: Jessica from The Mom Creative; The Nester; Jessica from Allora Handmade; Megan from Sorta Crunchy; Kristen from We Are That Family; Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy; Lisa-Jo from The Gypsy Mama; and Haley from The Tiny Twig. Today I am pleased to announce the winners.

And the grand prize is an incredible gift basket including all of the following:

Grand Prize winner: Breann Wozniak CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!