Is it just me, or has there been a big focus on the parents of the Olympic athletes this year?  It’s been so fascinating watching and learning about the athletes, but then also hearing the stories of their parents (and watching their reactions during the games).  To be honest, I find the interviews with the parents as interesting as the games themselves. I love the Raising Olympians series that P&G does. (And yes, they are sponsoring this post . . . but not to dork out and watch every single one, multiple times, with a box of tissues in my hand).  Maybe because this is the first Olympics that I’ve had kids older than the toddler stage, but it’s hard not to identify with these moms as they talk about the choices and sacrifices they had to make for their kids.

My favorite so far has been the one on Gabby Douglas, whose mom basically sent her to live with another family so that she could train with a better coach.

I watch this, and while I admire the sacrifice and determination . . . I don’t think I could do it.  I think I would have ended up throwing in the towel on the Olympic dreams.  Of course, this is probably why I was never particularly good at any sport.  Well, that and my total lack of eye-hand coordination.

I think that’s a part of what is so bittersweet about watching the Olympics. It’s such an amazing accomplishment to get there, but there is inherently so much they’ve given up to get there, too.

How about you?  Could you have made the sacrifice Gabby’s mom did? Would you be willing to live apart from a child to help fulfill their dreams?

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