I’ve talked a bit about transitioning Jafta to a GFDF diet to help with his sensory processing disorder.  We are still finding this diet to be hugely beneficial, and I thought I would share some tips for packing gluten-free, dairy-free school lunches. A couple months ago, I shared some of the foods we typically send in lunches.  Most of them involved leftovers or foods that required preparation the day before. Today, I’m sharing ideas for quick school lunches that you can assemble in the morning.

quick gfdf gluten-free dairy-free school lunch ideas
1. A turkey sandwich on gluten-free bread is always an easy fix, along with some sweet snap peas and a handful of blueberries.
2. My kids like breakfast burritos for lunch.  A couple scrambled eggs in a corn tortilla, along with some pico de gallo for veggies, makes a filling meal. I usually send this with an easy fruit, like strawberries.
3. Hummus is another great protein option. I like to send a small container along with foods that are great for dipping, like gluten-free crackers, carrots, and jicama.
4. Dr. Praeger’s has a great gluten-free veggie burger that can be taken out of the freezer and popped in the microwave in the morning. I usually send this on a gluten-free bun with whatever fruit I have on hand.
5. No matter how low my pantry stock is getting, I almost always have refried beans and corn tortillas on hand.  This can make an easy, dairy-free “quesadilla”, rounded out with a fruit and veggie like broccoli and grapes.
Do you usually assemble lunches the night before, or in the morning?  What are some of your quick-fix school lunches?

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