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While America may largely misperceive Africa as a disaster zone, China does get the promise on the continent. Everywhere you turn in Africa these days there are Chinese businesspeople seeking to invest in raw materials and agriculture. But American businesses seem to be only beginning to wake up to the economic potential here. Why does that matter? Because trade often benefits a country more than aid.

Infographic: Here’s What Obamacare Actually Does For You

Now that we know that Obamacare (er, the Affordable Care Act) is constitutional — thanks, Chief Justice Roberts! — the question returns to: “Wait, what’s in Obamacare again?” Share this to remind people why they’re happy today.

the truth about HIV | Moments with Love

we poured ourselves into the most up-to-date information on this virus & instead of being more scared, we were really reassured.  if we were to be their family, our other children were at no risk, the virus is now more easily managed with medication than type 1 diabetes & the child could live a long, normal life with HIV. we soon found out that those children were not meant to be ours & they are in a loving home now, but it fueled my passion to educate myself about orphans living with HIV. so, i want to tell you what i told that lady cutting my hair. maybe you were wondering, too. or maybe you can help me in educating people so, oh Lord please, my boys don’t have to be standing with me & hear this awful stereotype.

Why Are American Kids So Spoiled? | The New Yorker

High-powered parents worry that the economic opportunities for their children are shrinking. They see a degree from a top-tier school as one of the few ways to give their kids a jump on the competition. In order to secure this advantage, they will do pretty much anything, which means not just taking care of all the cooking and cleaning but also helping their children with math homework, hiring them S.A.T. tutors, and, if necessary, suing their high school. Marano, an editor-at-large at Psychology Today, tells about a high school in Washington State that required students to write an eight-page paper and present a ten-minute oral report before graduating. When one senior got a failing grade on his project, his parents hired a lawyer.

Maybe the Bachelorette Should Always be a Mom | MamaPop

As idiotic as The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise is (and I can admit it’s idiotic even though I love it), I don’t think it’s exactly fair to come down on a mother for being on the show. Mothers are allowed to live their own lives and make choices that benefit themselves, whether it be for their careers or their hobbies or their need to take three to four men to “the fantasy suite”. (Ricki— they just take bubble baths while wearing their bathing suits in there, okay?)

The Snarky Voice in Your Head Is Killing Your Productivity; Here’s How to Stop It | LifeHacker

Snark/sarcasm/contempt is always an indicator that something else is going on in a given situation. When it’s appropriate, it tells people that you’re not going to let others push you around. When it’s inappropriate it shows that you feel the need to make yourself “bigger” than others. That need to put one’s self above others can be a symptom of depression or some personality disorders (of course, there would have to be other symptoms present to justify a diagnosis). That being said, perpetually putting others down can be indicative of insecurity, narcissism, negative thought patterns, or jealousy. If those things are present, then you definitely want to address it because it’s likely to affect your relationships negatively.

Work Life Balance: Help Young Women ‘Have It All’ By Talking Fertility Seriously | | Mommyish

Guilting younger generations into the maternity ward certainly won’t make for an empowered cohort. But cluing us in on the limitations of our bodies at an early stage absolutely will. With the important footnote that our childbearing years are not in fact endless, we can consider whether we actually would prefer a doctorate to that third baby or a high-powered job that might keep us from our partner for days on end. There’s no shame in prioritizing the demanding work of a family over a 60-hour-a-week power job. But we all know that there exists the possibility of regret.

Treating Men Like 4-Year-Olds | Huffington Post

The point is, there is only one acceptable version of expressing emotions “his way,” and that is after your basic emotional needs are fulfilled. Saying “I love you,” saying something validating, or saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t require a man’s unique version, because that ultimately means he’s not really apologizing or expressing love. Any adult should be able to explicitly articulate what they mean, and a grown man should not and does not need to be coddled.

Minorities in our schools and the bigger picture | Mamasota

n the schools right here, our children have this opportunity to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them. That not every face is similar to theirs and not every culture has the same values and traditions. They have this chance to learn from that and not step out one day beyond these city limits in shock. They have a chance to gleen wisdom and broaden their horizons and embrace differences and I imagine things would run more smoothly if we could all do that–we grown up big kids too–in everything from our schools to our businesses and our churches.