Last week I wrote an advice post on Babble Voices about kids and facebook.  I offered some advice (you can go read it here) and also some different perspectives of moms of tweens. It seems like moms are pretty divided on this one.  I didn’t weigh in myself, since my kids aren’t really in that lifestage yet.  But I will admit: If facebook changes the rules and allows kids under 13 to join, I’m probably likely to let them on.  should kids be on facebook Should Children Be on Facebook? Practical Tips for Concerned Parents It’s not that I’m a “free-range”, liberal type of mom.  In fact, I think I’m rather strict when it comes to media and minors.  But my thinking about facebook is the same as any kind of online activity for kids: ain’t none of it happening without some serious supervision. Especially in the early years, before they’ve established some trust.  I would anticipate that their online activity will be heavily monitored, and facebook will be no exception.  By heavily monitored, I mean that online time will happen on a large-screen monitor in the middle of the living room, and that passwords will be known to me if they want to play.  I think they can earn more freedom as they show themselves trustworthy.  In that sense, I think it makes sense to have them on young, so that they are learning what is appropriate at an age when a lot of parental input is the norm. As they get older and prove that they can handle it, I would imagine I would give more freedoms.  But I enjoy social media, and I am okay with allowed my kids to be involved so they can learn both moderation and appropriate use while I still have a say. What about you? Head over to Babble Voices and join the conversation.  I’d love to hear from moms who have kids old enough to be on.  What have you decided?