India has been begging to get a “bob” for about a year now, every since her best friend got this cute cut: Then India fell in love with the 1999 made-for-tv movie Annie, in which the darling actress also wears a cute bob.  The questions started coming more frequently, but I kept putting her off.  I love her long hair, and figured she would regret cutting it. image India was determined, though, and finally I relented.  Her hair was so long that I figured we could probably donate it, so I did some research and decided we would give her hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, who makes wigs that are then donated to cancer patients. Photo Jul 03, 2 05 39 PM I made an appointment at a “big girl salon”.  India was so excited.  I was hovering, slightly worried that she might have a moment of panic once all that length came off. Photo Jul 03, 2 26 44 PM I was wrong.  She was thrilled. Photo Jul 03, 2 41 15 PM She loves her new hair, and I think it fits her. It’s short and sassy, and she’s been walking around with a new swagger. Photo Jul 03, 5 32 53 PM Best of all, we were able to donate 10 inches.  Photo Jul 03, 10 48 59 PM I’m off to Ethiopia tomorrow morning with Food for the Hungry.  We’ve got almost 24 hours of travel ahead of us . . . wish me luck sleep! fh