I am a bit of a tech-junkie when it comes to phones, so I was excited when Windows asked me to take their new Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone for a spin.  The Windows Phone is shaping up to be a serious contender in the smartphone market.  I’ve been using one for the past month, and wanted to share some of the aspects of this phone that I really like. In the coming weeks, I will also be sharing some of the features I think moms are looking for most in a phone (namely – what apps will keep my child quiet on a plane or help reinforce their academic learning.)  For now, though, here are some of my favorite features that are unique to the Windows Phone.

1. Seemless app interactions in one place
When my phone arrived, it prompted me to enter my account information for Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Windows Live.  Once I’d added my info, the phone automatically populated my calendar and contacts. But what’s best is that each account is compiled – so that if I pull up the contact for my husband, for example, I can see all of HIS contact info in one place.  I can see the info I have for him from my Google contacts (phone number, address, etc) but I can also see the data he has entered for himself on his Facebook page (his website and birth date) along with his Twitter info and bio.  From his contact page, it also gives me the option of sending him a text message, sending him an email, tweeting him, writing on his Facebook wall, or calling him. I don’t have to switch into a different app – I can pull up any friend and from there, decide how to reach out to them.


2. Keep track of interactions with friends in one place
Let’s say my friend Sarah had sent me the info for a soccer camp she thinks I might like, but I’ve forgotten where she sent the info. Did she email it to me? Text me? Send it to me via Facebook?  DM me on Twitter?  Instead of hunting down all of those places, I can go to her contact page in my phone and view our interactions on all of these networks in one place. 

3. An easy walk to stalk see what everyone is doing
It’s also great for checking in on what your friends are doing. For example, maybe I wanted to call Jillian to set up a time to hang, but I can’t remember if she’s in town.  I can go to contacts, and look at “what’s new” and it will show me all of her social media activity or recent emails to me in one place.  I can see from Facebook that she has a new podcast up – and her recent twitter update tells me she’s already in rehearsals for her Mother Tongue show in Scotland. Stalking status, achieved!  I can also go to “what’s new” for all my contacts to see what everyone is doing at once – sort of like a twitter/facebook/text hybrid screen.


3. The ability to create “groups” for sending emails and texts
Another feature I really like is that I can create groups within my contacts that will allow me to text or email a pre-determined group of people quickly and easily. If I wanted to send a video of the kids saying Happy 4th of July to my family, I can shoot the video, and choose the family group, and it will text it to them.  If I am having a childcare crisis I can shoot a quick text to the group I set up for local friends.  This feature also allows me to choose a group and view all of their social media interactions in one place as well.


Easy photo sharing
Have I mentioned the seamless app interactions?  On the Nokia Lumia your photo album also includes all of the photos you have uploaded to Facebook, in alphabetized folders, so you can access even more of your photos. You can interact with those albums as well as the ones you’ve taken.  When you select a photo, you have the opportunity to share it via text, email, or social media networks without visiting those apps.  You can pull a picture from Facebook and text it to friends. You can upload a photo to twitter.  You can choose from others sharing apps, without leaving the photo album.




These are some of my favorite features so far – I’m excited to keep trying it out. 

What are some of the features you look for in a phone?

Disclosure. This is sponsored post, however all opinions and reviews of the product are my own.