I’ve still got some stories to share, and some unpacking to do (both literally and metaphorically).  I’m working on a post to try to articulate the bizarre sense of peace I’ve experienced since coming home (in stark contrast to the agitation I’ve previously felt during the re-acculturation process).  I’m also working on a post to address a comment (and valid) question I’ve received in regards to Food for the Hungry: “I’m not a Christian, so why would I sponsor a child through a Christian NGO?”  Good question, and I’ve got some answers. But for now, I wanted to share some of the highlight reel in photos.  These photos are by David Molnar, an incredibly talented photographer who was part of our team. ethiopia photo dump iphone photomolnar_ethiopia-040molnar_ethiopia-0115molnar_ethiopia-0119molnar_ethiopia-0129molnar_ethiopia-0142molnar_ethiopia-0145molnar_ethiopia-0151molnar_ethiopia-0152molnar_ethiopia-0170molnar_ethiopia-0174molnar_ethiopia-0195molnar_ethiopia-0203molnar_ethiopia-0224molnar_ethiopia-0242molnar_ethiopia-0244molnar_ethiopia-0262molnar_ethiopia-0278molnar_ethiopia-0286molnar_ethiopia-0340molnar_ethiopia-0370molnar_ethiopia-0389molnar_ethiopia-0175   fh