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He has overidden the status of blood with the status of the heart.
For me, this great joy will be an everlasting one: that I, who had a father I struggle to comprehend, a brilliant, abusive and ill man who dictacted my childhood with his fierce rages and lies and abuse, was able to provide my daughter with the kind of father I had always dreamed of having: one who lives day by day in his family as if there is no place on Earth he would rather be.

Time-Lapse of a Girl from Birth to Age 12

After his daughter Lotte was born, Dutch photographer Frans Hofmeester began creating weekly videos of her to document her growth. Lotte recently turned 12, and Hofmeester decided to edit all the footage so far into this amazing time-lapse video showing twelve years of growing up in just under three minutes.

Mom, Meet Dad. He Promises He’s Not Going To Break The Kids. | Monkey See

As a dad myself, I’m only marginally offended. As a human being living in, oh, 2012, I’m baffled. What is this strange Times-y world where households crumble the moment Mom walks out the door and Dad is so flummoxed by the demands of caregiving that he has to lie on the couch until the next set of wired commands comes through?

A Small Way to Change the World — The Exceptional Man

I was thinking about this last Sunday while listening to my pastor talk about the importance of investing in children. He said that investing in a child pays dividends throughout that child’s entire life, whereas adults only have so many years left. And as a result, one child has the potential to make a huge impact – to change the direction of an entire family. Investing in children, he said, is a small but impactful way to change the world.

When Men Become Fathers: How his brain chemistry changes after kids | Babble

My husband has always been kind, but I see how fatherhood has made him even more generous and empathetic, especially when it comes to family. And his tenderness isn’t just a feel-good bonus, it’s a huge advantage to my son. Current psychological thinking tells us that kids whose parents help them identify and process emotions are happier and more successful. Talking about feelings with our kids is not just touchy feely stuff, it helps to shape them neurologically. It’s both mom and dad’s job to be that kind of “emotion coach.”

Competent. Hands on. | BLURBOMAT

Most of the fathers I know are not as distant from familial routine, can schedule a play date and can make meals for their families. No father I know gripes about having to single parent if his partner or spouse travels. I may have had doubts the first time I was alone with my first kid. After that, I figured it out and was fine. Because that is what fatherhood is. You want the family? This is what it means to have a family: diapering, cleaning, bedtime stories, untold drinks of water at bedtime, cooking, homework supervision/assistance, school drop off and pickup, daycare drop off and pick up, scheduling play dates (including hosting play dates), comforting and conflict resolution.”

Dadisms, Not To Be Confused With Dadaism | DadCentric

I don’t have a whole lot of Dadisms – the title of this post refers to the oft-repeated phrases we dads use to impart wisdom to our kids – but I do find myself telling the kids that gratitude should be expressed early and often. It’s trite, but true: without them, Father’s Day is meaningless.

On the bittersweet nature of certain holidays | carpe whatever

My dad has changed a lot. He’s softened; he can laugh at himself. We see each other on holidays and I look forward to seeing him. The thing about his abuse is, now that I can recognize it for what it was, I have the perfect template for what not to do.

8 | Black Hockey Jesus

The parental conundrum. I want so badly to protect you while knowing that marrow is only discovered in the jagged cracks of broken bones. The world’s going to rip you apart and shatter your dreams. You are not enough. Things will never be okay. You must die to everything you want, let the fire burn you down and leave no ash. And then only then.

Father’s Day | Daddy Doin’ Work

Prior to holding my baby for the first time, I can admit that I was cocky, selfish, vain, and moody. I held grudges, style trumped substance, and most of my sentences included “I” or “me” instead of “we” and “us.” My daughter’s arrival made me take a deeper look at myself and decide if my behaviors are ones that I would want her to emulate. The answer was a quick and easy “no,” and I transformed instantly.

What I Know About Fatherhood From Being A Stay-At-Home-Dad | Huffington Post

There’s been a lot written about what Mothers and Fathers do better. It’s all nonsense. Skill sets are more important than gender. I am a better cook than my wife, always have been. I worked in kitchens from the time I could legally hold a job and I spent much time at my mother and grandmothers’ sides, learning. That’s part of my skill set. My wife is amazing when it comes to the evening routine: take a bath, comfy comfy, sing songs, story-time, sleepy sleepy. She is quicker to get silly with him, tells better tales, nurtures differently — gentle, quiet. It’s part of her skill set. We are great at stepping in with little fanfare when our skill set is needed.