This video is six minutes long.  I really hope you will take the time to watch it. It involves a series of interviews with undocumented kids, activists, policymakers, non-profit leaders, educators and members of the clergy. I realize that immigration reform is a hot-button political topic, but the issues this film raises are beyond partisan opinion.  There is a social justice issue occurring in our country for kids who were brought here illegally.  Their future is grim, and it’s time to have an honest conversation about what needs to be done for them. Also, just to serve as a reminder to how incredibly difficult it is to obtain citizenship in this country . . . our son Kembe was brought into this country COMPLETELY LEGALLY with every right to citizenship. It has been over two years and despite the fact that he is our legally adopted son, USCIS has still not granted him citizenship.  I cannot imagine how impossible it must feel for the kids in this short film.