I wrote a guest post for the Huffington Post this weekend.  They are doing a Mother’s Day series, and asked me to write about what I’ve learned by being an adoptive mom.  Here’s an excerpt:

My family has been formed in many ways. My first child was adopted from the foster-care system as an infant. My second two children came the old-fashioned way. My last child was adopted at nearly 4 years old from an orphanage in Haiti.  I’ve been blessed to experience the beauty of childbirth, as well as the joy of meeting an adopted child for the first time.  Each experience was equally emotional and life-changing.  However, the experience of adopting has given me a unique perspective on motherhood, teaching me some new truths, and reinforcing what I believe to be true about parenting.

Read the rest here at Huffington Post. family laughing [photo credit: Trever Hoehne]