I mentioned last week that we’ve been reading questions from the TableTopics Family Cube each night at dinner. It’s provided us with some interesting perspective on our kids. Some of it is not so flattering. (Like, for example, when Jafta answered the question about whether or not he would go to school if he didn’t have to, and he replied that he would stay home and watch video games every day).  Tonight’s question brought us to a new low.  The question:

If you could make one change in this world, what would it be?

Perhaps I’ve watched a few too many Miss America pageants, but I expected my kids to answer with some kind heartfelt, empathic, social-justice minded answer. Mark answered that he would like everyone to have clean water. I answered that I would like to make sure that every child has a family. And then it went down hill from there.

Me: Jafta, what about you?  What would you like to change about the world? Jafta: More war. Me: Do you mean you want no more war?  That’s nice. Jafta: No. I want more war. More guns and shooting, Me: Uh. Well, I don’t know if . . . Kembe: ME TOO!  I want more war too. Definitely need more war. Me: Well, war is not really such a good thing, you guys. India: I want the whole world to be made out of chicken nuggets! Me: (hopefully) So that all kids can have food to eat? India: NO!  Just for me! I love chicken nuggets! Me: (contemplating if this is an opportunity to educate my kids on the horrors of war, the military industrial complex, global malnutrition and the reality of pink slime, but deciding instead to refocus.)  Um, Karis?  How about you? Karis: Buzz Lightyear. Me: (defeated) Buzz Lightyear? That’s your answer? Karis: Yes.

Such lovely citizens I’m raising over here. Photo May 13, 10 14 37 AM