Karis would very much like to drop her nap, but since she is just barely three years old, she usually needs to sleep a bit during the day to avoid a meltdown at the dinner hour.  This has been a struggle, because if I lay her down before we pick up Jafta and Kembe from school, she usually just plays in her bed. On occasion, she falls asleep on the drive to pick them up, which is about an hour from door to door. This is the best scenario, since it’s a decent chunk of time and it means we can run an errand or hit the park in the afternoon without worrying about going back home for her nap. The problem was, Karis napping in the car was never a guarantee, and there were many stressful days when I’d continue to peak in the rearview mirror during our hour in the car only to see her fighting that nap with all her might. This meant that we were destined for flailing and whining and crying from an over-tired toddler as soon as we reached our destination. I started thinking about what might help her fall asleep in the car, and decided to make a playlist of all of the songs that I typically sing to the kids at bedtime. And while this list may be highlighting my Musical Theater Dorkiness, I am also here to tell you, IT WORKS EVERY TIME. Right around Castle on a Cloud and that girl is out like a light. Sometimes it works on India, too. car nap Car nap? Solved. Alright, now, fess up. I’ve revealed my drama-geek music. What about you? If you were to make a sleep-inducing mix-tape, what would be on your playlist?