This week, I got to try the new Sonos speaker system, and it was an “aha” moment in terms of digital music.  These speakers are high-quality, small, and wireless.  They work through the home wifi system, so that once it is set up you can play music from any computer, to any Sonos speaker in the house.  One speaker easily fills a room with sound.  In fact, I don’t think I realized how bad my laptop speakers were until I tried the Sonos in our house. There’s no going back now.

It’s funny, because this one little speaker has really made a change in how we listen to music. I can move it around the house, whereas previously the kids tended to crowd around the computer whenever we played something.  I’ve noticed we’ve been putting music on more, too.  I think it’s because with good speakers, ambient music is much more enjoyable that the tinny output of computer speakers.  Also, I am just completely obsessed with the fact that I can use my iphone as the speaker remote. I might even overuse this feature, just because the technology pleases me so.  It’s a phone!  It’s a remote!  (Cue Mark rolling his eyes).

Here’s a video that illustrates how Sonos works. 

It bears mentioning that Sonos is a great option for itunes users.  It syncs with itunes, as well as a number of other music subscription services.  I’m also a fan of Pandora, and so I can play from those playlists as well. Some of my favorite station creations:

Mumford and Sons + Florence and the Machine + The Black Keys
Ollabelle + Gillian Welch + Rosie Thomas + Allison Kraus
Ozomatli + Kinky + Tribe Called Quest
Jet + Franz Ferdinand + Jack White + The Killers
Jason Mraz + Sara Bareilles + Glen Hansard

There are some showtunes stations as well. I won’t embarrass myself further on that front.

How about you?  Are you still listening to CD’s?  Kicking it old-school with vinyl?  Are you an itunes fan, and is there some secret I’m missing?  How do you listen to music in your home? And if you are on Pandora, what are some of your favorite artist combo stations?

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