Recently gymnast Shawn Johnson, who won the all-around silver in the 2008 Olympic games, attempted a comeback in the 2012 games after recovering from a serious knee injury.  In this video, P&G highlights her story, focusing on her mom’s role in her journey.  There are so many things I love about Shawn’s mom – but espacially the emphasis on balance and enjoyment that she instilled in her daughter. She taught her that being excellent is something to strive for, but also to have other interests and goals for the future.  After her injury, her mom did not freak out, but rather saw it as an opportunity for growth. You can watch their whole story here. Fair warning: grab a tissue first.    

Edited to add: Since this video, Shawn Johnson has retired from gymnastics, and describes herself as very content . . . even calling her retirement a “blessing”. I think this is the marker of incredible parents: that she could excel at such a high level, and later find meaning outside of her sport of choice.  What an incredible role model.  I look forward to seeing what is next for Shawn. PSOM_a This post was sponsored by P&G. P&G’s Thank You Mom campaign postulates that being a mom is the hardest and most important job in the world  . . . and I tend to agree!  P&G is dedicated to helping moms raise healthy kids with the P&G Team USA Youth Sports Fund. This fund will help provide access to quality sports programs for kids across the country. In honor of Olympic Trials, for every new @thankyoumom follower, P&G will donate $1 to the P&G Team USA Youth Sports Fund, up to $50,000.