Jafta got a new mohawk helmet this week and he is LOVING IT. It’s made by Raskulls, who make the adorable kids’ helmets in animal shapes (Kembe has their shark helmet and India has the pony version, but Jafta felt he was too big to wear an animal helmet. But this?  He is a fan. I swear he did 20 trips around the block on his skateboard the day he got it, just because he was so excited to show it off. photo 1 The kids got to try a paddleboarding lesson with Pirate Coast Paddle Company on Saturday. I was worried it might be too difficult for them, but the boys really did well with it. Pirate Coast is docked in the bay at Newport Dunes, which is great because there are no waves to contend with. photo 3photo 4 Pirate Coast has a Stand-Up Paddle Camp over the summer. For five days a week from 9-noon, kids learn the basics of stand up paddle boarding, along with water safety, marine life, and a couple cool tricks. Check out their website for more info. Last night we attended the launch of 31 Bits spring line.  We love their parties because they have cool DJ’s. The kids love their parties because of the sugar. photo 4 photo 5 31 Bits is such an incredible organization, and their new line is SO FUN. I hope you will watch the video below to see how they are helping empower women in Uganda.           I know I mention Zulily every week but I continue to find such great stuff there in the way of educational toys. We just got this Ten Frame Towers game. Our elementary schools rely heavy on the 10-frame concept to teach math, and I love this tangible way to conceptualize numbers. It works as a game with dice, which Jafta and I had fun playing, but Karis just likes to sit and make towers. It’s cool to see her working out the addition in her head, as she figures out what number of blocks she needs to complete each 10 frame, photo 3 At Mom 2.0 I was given the book My Daddy Is a Pretzel and it is great for budding yoga enthusiasts. They’ve got different poses on each page and now India is very enthusiastic about leading us in yoga each day. They also have a great set of parent and child pose cards called Yoga Pretzels. photo 2